How to Create and Delete a MySQL Database

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To create the database. From the MySQL command line, enter the command


with the name of your database. It cannot include spaces.
Note1: Commands do not have to be entered in upper-case.
Note2: All MySQL commands must end with “;”.

Step 1: Connect to your database server:

To begin, sign into MySQL with the following command:

Enter the administrator password you set up during installation.

Step 2: Display a list of your available databases.

Enter the command SHOW DATABASES; to list all of the databases you have stored. Besides the database you just created.

Step 3: Create your database:

Step 4: Select your database.

Once the database has been created, you will need to select it in order to begin editing it. Enter the command

You will see the message Database changed, letting you know that your active database is now devops-team-db.


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You can use this link to show how to delete database in MySQL and MariaDB

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